Rolled Ice Cream


 Rolled ice cream from the Rolling Cow at Garden State Plaza in Paramus, New Jersey

The name of this place is literally me after eating this ice cream – a Rolling Cow! Rolled ice cream is amazing, and I advise that you try some if you haven’t already! This was my first time going there, and considering I’m a chocolate lover, the s’mores flavor spoke to me. They rolled the ice cream and roasted the marshmallow in front of me and voila! I got me some heaven in a bowl. 10/10 recommend.

Have you had rolled ice cream? If so, what’s your favorite flavor? For now mine’s the s’mores of course, but there are so many other kinds out there I must try before coming to a concrete decision. This is serious stuff.



Duck, Duck, Goose,…and Seagull!


Hey guys! Thought these pictures were fun – who doesn’t like a game of duck duck goose??…and seagull, of course ;D

The first was taken in my yard, the second two in New Jersey’s Saddle River Park, and the last two at Seaside Heights! Which shot is your favorite?

Do you like birds? If so, what species do you like? My favorite has to be the flamingo or the penguin!



Down by the Water


Down by the Water (2017), landscape illustrated with colored pencil, my version.


Original photo found on

Landscapes are some of my favorite photos to look at. What type of photography is your favorite?

Also, what is your favorite drawing medium to work with or to explore? Colored pencil has always been my favorite!

Let me know in the comments below, I love getting to know y’all!