Using Pictures to tell Music

Hey y’all!

I’m excited to say I’ve been working on something new recently. It’s for a school project, but I’m actually enjoying it…how odd.

I’m not sure if you’ve heard of it but it’s called 20 Time. Nationwide it’s becoming increasingly popular for students of all ages, and it’s where the student gets to choose any topic of their interest and create something. That’s it. That is it. A project that actually enhances and promotes complete and total creativity – there are no guidelines! I could read books for inspiration and then create a novel of my own. I could watch videos and teach myself how to play an instrument. I could simply could go through life and vlog about it if I really wanted to. Heck, I could start a business!

I was excited – actually more so shocked into a state that wouldn’t allow me to make a decision. And I’m already pretty indecisive as it is so you could probably imagine how that went.

I first wanted to do something art related. I was thinking I could experiment with different mediums and make a piece a week or something like that. That was too high maintenance, though, and I wasn’t sure I’d pull through entirely. My next general idea was music since that’s one of my other passions. I wanted to teach myself how to read music since I can play the guitar but still can’t read notes, but then I wasn’t sure what I’d create using that skill when I’d acquired it. It’s one of my goals as of now but not suited for a school project. So, I then thought I could mix music with photography because the two seemed compatible, and they definitely are! I decided on using pictures to tell meaning in a song – I’d take pictures (using a variety of techniques) to match up with the lyrics and put them into a video over the song.

Everglow by Coldplay is what I decided on. I originally planned to do something more upbeat, but the vivid imagery in the lyrics was what prompted me to do it. I’m currently almost done taking the photos and preparing them to put together. You heard it here, folks. And you’ll here it only once – I’m moderately excited to do a school project for once in my 16 years (though I’m not viewing it as one)! Here’s a sneak peak of some pictures I took for the song:


I’ve made an Instagram account where I’ll be posting the photos lyric by lyric, and then the final video when it’s complete. I’m excited for y’all to come with me on this journey @_sights.n.sounds_ . Drop a comment if you’ve followed!

Have you done a 20 Time before, and if not would you like to? What would you do it on?

See you all soon!




Hey y’all! This past week I think I set my record for the fastest I finished a piece – any piece. I don’t work to be fast and I most certainly do not try to rush myself, but I do work to be efficient. I take my time, and to give you an idea, it took me a year, ONE YEAR, to finish a little 4.5×4.5 colored pencil piece of an eye (which eye will be posting soon 😉 )…I kid you not. So given that I’m 99.95% of the time extremely slow, I’m proud to say that I have finished this dog with efficiency! It took me about a week; I worked a couple hours a day and finished it in time to give it to a friend as a birthday gift! Snickers is the dog’s name, and the picture I referenced was one that I took. He’s the cutest, and I fell in love with him right away. More photoshoot pictures with Snickers are coming soon!

Colored pencil piece, Snickers, February 2018.

IMG_1694Let me know how you like it and if you have any advice when it comes to efficiency! It definitely helped that I was on winter break because that way I was able to set a relaxed schedule for myself, where I’d work however much I wanted each day. Do you draw?

See you soon!




What’s up guys??

I’ve been excited to announce to y’all that my bro, previously aspiring author and blogger you may know as J.J. Azar, has redirected his efforts and begun blogging about food! At AZAR EATS, that is. Give him some support by checking it out and subscribing – I guarantee you will love what you see! There are some exciting posts stocked up…I’ve seen ’em with my own eyes.

I’m even more thrilled to share that I will be taking the pictures you will see on his posts! So far it’s been an exciting process, getting to work with him on this new project.


This is the first set of pictures I took. Karumi was the first place he reviewed, and you can see the post by clicking the link above!

Below is a sneak peak of what is to come!


I hope y’all are as hyped as I am, and let me know in the comments what you think of Azar Eats’ first post! See you soon.


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Hudson River and a Sunset

Hey y’all! I recently went to go see the New York skyline from the Hudson River and lemme just tell you –  I’ve never seen something so beautiful…m well, with the exception of food. 😉

No but really I was blown away; with the reflection of the colors on the water and the snowy lake (which I learned the hard way was not completely frozen), the sight was an ideal one to snap and savor. I grabbed my sister and my brother’s girlfriend for a quick little shoot against the gorgeous background and I really like the way they came out. I definitely want to do more portraits in pretty places like this.


Which shot is your favorite of the bunch, and do you have any advice on shooting sunsets? Shooting landscapes? Or shooting portraits in general? Let me know in the comments below! Feedback helps me to improve, and I’m open to any. This was one of my first times doing portraits in such a prominent place like this, and I strive to improve through continuous practice and experimentation!

See you soon.


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Hey, what’s up guys?!

This past week I took on the feat of adventuring this Japanese Marketplace in Edgewater (New Jersey). It’s called Mitsuwa, and it’s supposedly really popular in the state. I now know why…it’s massive. I’m telling you, it is the coolest marketplace I’ve been to (and not because “Cool Marketplaces” is probably an easy record to beat! Haha) Any Japanese snack, drink, appliance, knickknack you could name – it’s there! We took a bunch of foreign snacks home to try.

Inside the market they had like a food court with a bunch of Japanese places. I settled on Ramen. The amount of food we all had was ridiculous, and everything was amazing. 10/10 recommend. I also tried Ramune, a Japanese soda I can’t describe to you in words. Blew my mind. Among all of us we’d gotten melon, blueberry, orange, and lychee. I settled on original since we were all curious to see what it’d taste like… it reminded me of cotton candy.


Are you a fan of Japanese food, and have you been to a market like this?

Also, let me know if you’ve tried Ramune before, I’d love to hear y’all’s reaction and your favorite flavor. See you soon!



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Merry Christmas!


“It’s not what’s under the tree that matters, it’s who’s gathered around it.” -Anonymous

Do you celebrate Christmas? How was your Christmas and what are some favorite traditions of yours? And if you don’t, how was your holiday?? The cheerful vibes the holiday gives off, the giving that comes with it, and the fact that I get to spend it with my family makes Christmas my favorite one. See you soon 🙂